Royal breakfast buffet
Enjoy your breakfast in the restaurant or on the terrace. Every day a large choice of fresh rolls and pastries. The perfect start of your day. Even if you stay at your own place in De Panne you can enjoy our breakfast buffet.


  • Diverse choice of rolls, bread and pastries from our local bakery
  • Rasin buns and croissants
  • cheeze, charcuterie, smoked salmon, salads and sweets
  • Granola and superfoods
  • omelet, boiled eggs, bacon,...
  • Yoghurt, fresh fruit
  • Coffee, tea, milk
  • a juice bar with freshly squeezed orange juice, multi-fruit juice and apple juice

Breakfast is always included in your room rate. 


The royal breakfast buffet has been adapted due to the Covid-19 regulations: instead of a self-service buffet, we’ll work with a shielded counter where someone of our team will be assembling your plate and serve you. 

Tables have been removed an rearranged to maintain the 1,5m distance between the guests whilst seated. In case of nice weather conditions, our terrace will be opened to enjoy breakfast as well.

Due to the implemented social distance in the restaurant, the maximum occupancy is lower than it was before. Therefore, we’ll have to work in two shifts in the busy periods. This should avoid peaks and long queues, so that everyone can enjoy their breakfast safely and relaxed. If the shifts-system is in place, we’ll ask guests upon arrival to book for either:

- The first shift: entering from 8:00 to 9:00 am

- Or the second shift: entering from 9:30 to 10:30 am

Please note that these are but the timespans to ENTER the breakfast area. Once seated, your of course able to enjoy breakfast a bit longer. With these measures, we’re only attempting to avoid everyone arriving at the same time, and ensure correct service for all. 

We hope to keep our breakfast at the high quality level just as before, while keeping the flow smooth and avoiding long queues.

A fine and relaxed breakfast… what more does anyone need to jump-start a wonderful day on vacation.

Breakfast without a hotel room

If you don't stay at the hotel you can enjoy our breakfast as well.You can call us on tel 058 421000 to make a reservation. 

rate : € 20.00 per person or €10.00 per child youger than 10 years.

Room service is possible with a small surcharge

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