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Hotel Donny

A day at the sea with your company, is not like any other day.

Businessmen who would really like to combine a meeting with a refreshing sea breeze, can simply stay over at Hotel Donny for a residential seminar. That way, business and leisure are easily connected, namely with a meeting as well as a good night rest in a four-star hotel at the Belgian coast.

One of the main advantages of organizing meetings at the coast, is that it only takes moments to switch from the meeting room to nature and beach. Walking from Hotel Donny to the dunes, the beach and the ocean, just takes a few minutes.

Don’t bother energy-absorbing transfers, loss of time nor traffic-jams. Getting to the coast for a seminar, is both something to enjoy to the fullest, as well as meeting and working together productively.

Hotel Donny is the most suited location for seminars at the coast. We guarantee a professional and personal approach. On top of that, in the hotel, and just as so nearby, there are numerous possibilities to give the atmosphere of the group a fair boost.