the safety of our guests and our team is our highest priority

Dear Guest,

First of all, we’re very glad to welcome you again at Hotel Donny – De Panne.

On march the 13th, we all woke up in a different world. It’s been a big game-changer for all everyone. For us this is all very new as well. We’ll do our very best in adapting adequately to this “new normal”, as the safety of our guests and our team is of course our highest priority. If you have any remarks of hints for us in this changing process, please do not hesitate to address us at the reception, we’re at your service.

We’re positive that with a little effort and goodwill of everyone here, your holidays, even in these strange corona-times, will undoubtedly become an unforgettable time where wonderful memories will be made… and where of course safety and health come first.

Preventing the spread is indeed an obligation and effort for us all. Therefore, we’d also like to fully trust our guests, and count on your full cooperation. We’ll hereby give a summary of the measures we’ve taken to shield us from COVID-19 at the hotel.

  • Arrival

    Our guests can check in at the reception same as it ever was, though respecting the 1,5m distance in doing so in case of queueing. We kindly ask you to keep the social distance from the guests preceding you.

    At the reception, as well as at the lift on every floor and on every table in the bar and restaurant, disinfecting hand gel dispersers will be provided. We encourage all of our guests to disinfect the hands regularly, in addition to washing them with soap.

    Wearing a face mask is obligatory in all interior public areas.

  • Lift

    On every floor near the lift, disinfecting hand gel dispersers will be provided.

    We advise disinfecting the hands before, as well as after using the lift.

    Within the general guidelines for preventing the spread, it’s non advised to share the lift with guests other than the company you are with (“bubble”). In the lift, the 1,5m is indeed difficult to uphold.

  • Rooms

    The rooms are cleaned every day, just the way it always was. Between two different stays however, the room will be disinfected thoroughly. 

    In case you have questions about the hygiene of disinfection of the rooms, do not hesitate to address our staff at the reception.

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is served in the restaurant from 8.00 to 10.00 o clock.

  • Dinner

    The restaurant is open for dinner.  You can choose a meal from our a la carte menu or you an choose our market menu daily prepared by our chef.

  • Bar

    The bar is open.  You can sit on the terrace or in our lounge to enjoy a drink.

  • Swimming pool & Wellness

    The pool, the sauna, steambath and fitness are  open.

  • Beach

    There most probably will be some restrictions and regulations implemented by the community concerning visiting the beaches.

    The beach in De Panne is the largest of the Belgian coast. There are multiple private rental services for bed and windshields For more information, you could always check with the office of tourism (tel.: 058421818) or the website Of course, we’ll gladly help you as much as we can at the reception as well, informing you of the up-to-date regulations and hints for a joyful trip to our wonderful beach.

  • Day of departure

    We try to ask our guests to not all check out at the same time. 

    To avoid long queues at the reception, we encourage everyone to settle the bill on moments when the reception isn’t crowded. These moments usually are:

    - Day of departure before breakfast

    - day before departure after 90:00pm

    As always, we kindly ask empty and leave the room by 11:00 am at the latest, and count on the punctuality and courtesy of all our guests. 

    In case of queueing at the reception, we kindly ask you to keep the social distance of 1,5m from the guests preceding you.

We genuinely wish you a wonderful holiday at Hotel Donny!

Geert & Tania